Enjoy bike-riding in all kinds of weather


Protect yourself!

From rain, cold and wind gusts: complete protection for the whole body, including legs and feet. 


Protect your child!

At the same time, protect your little passenger from head to toe.
RoofBi creates a heat bubble around you.


Protect your personal effects!

From rain as well as from theft. Inside pockets allow you to store your keys, your cell phone and even bread in the large rear pocket!


Be visible even in the dark!

More visible, car drivers can see you, even at night, thanks to the reflective strips.


All in 2 minutes!

Without any tools, RoofBi fits on any kind of bike, even electrical.


Handsome in its backpack

Take your RoofBi anywhere you want with its convenient backpack

Practical information

RoofBi needs no tool, no preparation. You can install it in 2 minutes on any bike.
It is delivered in a backpack with instructions in English
Even wet outside and folded, the inside always stays dry and immediately re -usable.
It ensures complete protection of the whole body, including legs and feet. Its length and width prevent the rain from reaching the cyclist.

Les fixations se montent rapidement et sans outil.
The brackets can be installed quickly and without any tools.
To install the Roofbi, front and rear brackets are supplied. 
The combination of front and rear brackets allows you to fit it on all kinds of bicycles. 
Brackets are included in each pack, but they can also be bought separately if you wish to install Roofbi on another bike.
Depending on the kind of bike, brackets and bindings are equipped with ratchet buckles that provide a solid and fast tightening system. Front brackets are put under the handlebars on the frame.
Rear brackets are designed to be installed on the rack or under the saddle. 3 rear brackets are available:

PB : for luggage racks
RS : for sport saddles
RSC : for comfort saddles

The fabric seams and the bracket have a one year warranty.

Always dry!
With its 110cm height, the rain hood is practically integral. And when it’s raining, the rain flows naturally around you.

Always warm!
The heat bubble created by Roofbi protects you from frigid winter air: hands and upper body are protected.

Always clear!
The air vents in top and bottom help to prevent fogging.

Everything to hand!
To empty your pockets, the Roofbi includes a small pocket in the front and rear, and another large pocket on the back for your bag, clothes, bread …

Very convenient!
The 2 front and back tips are used to connect the tent to brackets in seconds and remove it as quickly.
And in an instant, you bind the loop which allows you to fold the Roofbi, once removed from the bike.

Your bike is a:

Spare parts:

What our customers are saying:

Excellent customer service.
Immediate solution to all problems.
Quick shipments.
What can I add?

Mauro Fossati 10 December 2014, 12:27pm

I received the new roofbi and put it up this afternoon, and I will benefit from fast assembly and disassembly thanks to the 4 buttons. I took it for a ride into town … it has been very successful. Sure we do not go unnoticed with it and people approach you to ask questions or just laugh.

Sylvie G. le lundi 24 novembre 2014 à 16h39

I thought to use it in winter, against the cold, bad weather and pollution in the city but I use it throughout the year.
The ROOFBI is light weight, easy and quick to assemble, I leave the brackets on the bike and I adapt ROOFBI if necessary, rain clothes stay in the closet.
I have completely abandoned the car in urban zones and instead of a commuter bike, I have adopted the electric bike, which is great, because with electric assistance we no longer feel any resistance.

Catherine 12 December 2014, 7 :20pm

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