Am I not bothered while riding?

The structure does not bother when riding: you can ride with only a shirt in heavy rain and wind.

With my E-bike, I ride over 35 km/h. What about the Roofbi?

Roofbi brings a real comfort on e-bikes.
Up to 35km/h, it doesn’t deform. Over 35km/h it becomes more aerodynamic and doesn’t bother you while riding.

How to unwrinkle the fabric?

If Roofbi stays folded in its bag for some weeks, it can wrinkle. Once installed again and with usage, it will stretches and folds disappear.
If you are bothered by folds:
Once installed, you can pour hot water on the Roofbi. For a better result, you can also iron the Roofbi with steam, through a thick towel. The result, look and visibility are perfect.

What is the effect of strong winds on Roofbi?

The Roofbi has been designed with a sail master. Roofbi is flexible, and its brackets are independent from handlebars. A large opening on the top avoids the parachute effect. Thus, the structure is not affected by strong winds. In the videos, you can see part of the tests made on the beach with very strong winds, among kitesurfs.

How can I signal that I change my direction?

When you are riding in the city, lateral sides can be left open to signal your direction while you stay dry.

When it rains, why don’t you need wipers?

We see far enough, even with wet Roofbi to avoid an obstacle. We also see better in a heavy rain than with a little drizzle. The wiper is not required, because we do not go as fast as a car! We can also use a water-repellent product, so that the water flows faster.

And mist?

No, there is no mist: while riding, the open bottom renews enough air volume. However, if you make a lot of effort and then stop, the air will not refresh fast enough and some mist can come, but will quickly disappear as soon as you start to ride again.

How is the visibility of the plastic in the rain? There is no wiper!

Through the wet Roofbi we see perfectly 30m front, which is more than enough to anticipate. For an even better result, we recommend using a water repellent product, but very few customers use this method, because visibility is good.