About us

Roofbi was created in 2011 by a French entrepreneur who is passionate about bikes. He imagines, designs and develops new products for the bicycle.
The project: make bike use more comfortable by eliminating the main deterrents: bad weather, cold winter and wet suits.
The final product comes after 20 prototypes and a lot of tests.
Today, in the city, the desire to go fast is no longer a reason to use your car. If you have the right equipment, taking your bike becomes a pleasure in all kinds of weather, and it’s never a problem to park a bike!



Roofbi: the invention that will make bikers love the rain

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What have they become

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Roofbike company was created in 2011 to design, develop and sell innovative products for the bicycle, to make it more comfortable.
Roofbi is the first product of its kind
To increase its growth; Roofbike is looking for investors and wishes to develop its business in international markets.

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